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Addressee Profile: Ben Sherwood, President of ABC News

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bensherwoodBen Sherwood is the president of ABC News.

He made our list by heading up the largest broadcasting company in the world (by revenue) — and one of the Big Three television networks.


Positive Moves

  • ABC’s Earth 2100 provided a mainstream audience with a vision of the toll climate change, overpopulation, and the misuses of energy resources might take on our planet. [source]

  • ABC openly unambiguously reports that scientists believe climate change is happening and caused by humans. [source]

Why it’s not enough

  • In a 2009 book about human survival, Sherwood never once mentioned climate change. [source]

  • ABC frequently runs stories clearly connected to climate change, but fails to mention climate change at all. [one two]

  • In 2012, ABC World News dedicated 43 segments to the royal family and only one to climate change. [source]

  • Throughout the 00s, ABC continued to give airtime to climate deniers in an attempt to demonstrate “balance”. [source]

Ben Sherwood on Wikipedia | ABC News on Wikipedia


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