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Addressee Profile: Bob Dudley, Group Chief Executive of BP

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Bob_Dudley,_January_2011Bob Dudley is the Group Chief Executive and a director of BP.

He made our list because BP is the fifth-largest energy company by market capitalization, fifth-largest company in the world measured by 2012 revenues, and the sixth largest oil and gas company measured by 2012 production. [source]

As of December 2012, BP had operations in over 80 countries.

Positive moves

  • BP was the first multinational corporation outside of the reinsurance industry to publicly support the scientific consensus on climate change. [source]

  • Together, with other companies, BP has urged policy makers “to focus on introducing a clear carbon price framework in a stable and timely manner.” [source]

Why that’s not enough

  • BP funded, almost exclusively, Senate candidates who (1) have been outspoken opponents of comprehensive climate policy in the US and (2) actively deny the scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by people. [source]

  • BP pulled out of the US Climate Action Partnership, the leading business organization promoting cap-and-trade legislation in the US. [source]

  • BP recently announced it was divesting of its renewable power assets and returning to a business model focused primarily on oil and gas. [one two]

  • The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon well was the largest ever to originate in US controlled waters and the largest spill in the Gulf of Mexico. [source]

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