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Addressee Profile: Gary Knell, CEO of NPR

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garyknellGary Knell is the president and CEO of NPR. He made our list by heading up one of the largest news outlets in the world ranked by audience size.



Positive Moves

  • NPR has explicitly stated that climate change is a scientific fact and that humans are to blame. [source]

  • They have explicitly challenged opponents to climate change legislation. [source]

  • NPR links other issues to climate change in an attempt to paint a complete picture of the crisis. [1 2]

  • NPR aired an in-depth series investigating fracking. [source]

Room for Improvement

  • NPR is supported by America‚Äôs Natural Gas Alliance and thus frequently airs fracking promotions. [source]

  • A recent story reduced the fight over fracking in New York to a conflict between farmers and movie stars. [source]

  • NPR has uncritically reported the claim that the Keystone XL pipeline would lower gas prices. [source]

Gary Knell on Wikipedia | NPR on Wikipedia

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