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Addressee profile: John Watson, CEO of Chevron

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John_S._Watson,_June_2010John Watson has been the CEO of the Chevron Corporation since January 1, 2010. He made our list by heading up the fourth largest oil and gas company by revenue.



Positive Moves

  • Chevron invests in many renewable/green technologies. [source]

  • Watson supports eliminating government subsidies for fossil fuel companies. [source]

Why it’s not enough

  • Chevron has been responsible for numerous oil spills [source] and other environmental calamities [source] since Watson took the helm in 2010.

  • Most recently, he has presided over a leakage in a gas field in the Atlantic Ocean off Bayelsa coastline which has led to the discharge of crude oil and gas into the surrounding area. [source]

  • In August 2012, a fire erupted at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA, causing over 15,000 people to seek medical attention for related injuries. [source] Chevron’s California OSHA inspection records going back several years show evidence of safety violations and negligence. [source]

  • Watson has stated that the the government is responsible for curbing greenhouse gas emissions and that it’s “not [his] call.” [source]

  • He believes the economy should take precedence over the environment. [source]

John Watson on Wikipedia | Chevron Corporation on Wikipedia


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