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Addressee Profile: Peter Horrocks, Director of the BBC World Service

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peterhorrocksPeter Horrocks is Director of BBC World Service, one of the world’s largest news outlets with nearly 200 million listeners worldwide. [source]


Positive Moves

  • The BBC’s science reporting is generally considered “high-quality” and “accurate”. [source]

  • In response to a 2011 analysis of its science coverage, the BBC established a science editor and created a pan-BBC science forum to share information. [source]

Why it’s not enough

  • In the 2011 analysis cited above, climate change coverage was seen as a particular area of weakness for the BBC.

  • Horrocks himself actively protests the media’s responsibility to lead opinion on the issue of climate change. [source]

  • Coverage of climate change is nowhere near being at least a story a day, and there’s no data on how many of the stories that do run are leading headlines. [source]

  • The BBC routinely pits scientists or experts against skeptics who lack the credentials to be making valid claims about climate change, and backs away from any view that might open it to accusations of bias from climate skeptics. [one two three four]

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