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Addressee Profile: Xi Jinping, President of China

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Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the President of the People’s Republic of China, and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

He made our list of addressees by being the head of state of the country emitting the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Positive movement on climate change:

  • Beijing has set a target of reducing carbon intensity by 17% (from 2010 levels) by 2015. [source]

  • China leads the world in renewable energy development [source]

Why that’s not enough:

  • In 2013 emitted more carbon dioxide than the next two largest countries combined (U.S.A. and India) and emissions have been increasing by 10% a year [source]

  • China is the world’s largest producer and user of coal, accounting for nearly half of worldwide consumption [source]

  • China is currently searching for a corporate partner in replicating US shale boom [source]

  • Merely reducing carbon intensity would mean a continued rise in overall emissions [source]

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