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Woohoo! 308 heroic humans contributed $34,853 to get the Open Letter published in the LA Times on Sunday, November 10th. The remainder went to the Alliance on Climate Education.

Campaign Update: What we’re gonna do with all this cold, hard cash

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Hello friends-

As we welcome our 200th contributor, we thought it time to post another update on the campaign.

Things are going really well! We’ve raised almost 30,000 dollars, which is enough to buy an ad in the LA Times (one of the many publications who have already approved the letter for publication).

It has recently come to our attention that some folks aren’t quite sure what we’re going to do with the money raised, despite our careful FAQs that nobody has really read. SO Jordyn whipped up a visual representation of what certain fundraising goals will get us:


As you can see, we have a variety of options, depending on how much money we raise. We can even do more complicated combinations based on what we think will be most effective.

For example, if we raise 77,000 dollars, it might be a better idea for us to put ads in both the Chicago Tribune AND the LA Times, instead of putting one ad in the San Jose Mercury News. We have a lot of information about the various papers’ circulation sizes and political biases, which we’ll be using to make that decision when the campaign concludes.

The most important things for you to know are:

1) Your support got us this far! We’re already capable of buying a full-page ad in a massively distributed newspaper, and we’re just barely halfway through the campaign.

2) What we need now (aside from 130,000 more dollars, ideally) is publicity. You, our loyal supporters, probably know a lot of really smart, really involved people. Think about your social circle. Ask yourself:

  • Do I know people in the media?
  • Do I know people who know people in the media?
  • Do any people in the media owe me favors?
  • Does my babysitter’s dad golf with people who work at the New York Times?
  • Does my dog write a Huffington Post blog?

WORK THE ANGLES and tell them all about this campaign! Or tell us about them, and we’ll write them an email with you CC’d and then they’ll know we’re legit.

Campaigns like this are all about numbers. More eyeballs on the campaign = more contributions. We’ve made some great traction this past week, with tweets from, the Sierra Club, StopKXL, and increased attention from NPR; but we need to go further to really push this campaign beyond our personal networks and get it in front of thousands and thousands of people. Stuff builds on stuff, then before you know it, there is more stuff. This is how it works.

Think hard about who you know and who can help, and we can break this wide open!

Thank you all so much!!

Mike and Jordyn

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