Open Letter Indiegogo Campaign

Woohoo! 308 heroic humans contributed $34,853 to get the Open Letter published in the LA Times on Sunday, November 10th. The remainder went to the Alliance on Climate Education.

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To sum up…

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We did it!!! The letter was published as a full-page ad in the LA Times on Sunday, November 10th, 2013. The remaining funds were donated to the Alliance for Climate Education. What’s next? We are continuing to promote the letter as a message to VIPs on climate change, and we encourage you to do the   …Continue Reading

The Open Letter will run in the LA Times this Sunday, November 10th!

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Hey! We did it! The Open Letter crowdfunding campaign concluded with $34,853 raised from 308 different contributors. We’re humbled by, and thankful for, the support this project received! Now it’s time to put that money to work! After Indiegogo platform fees and credit card/Paypal fees were subtracted from our total, we had $30,668.66. That was   …Continue Reading

Campaign Update: Video Montage

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So, that video montage we’ve been going on about for weeks? We finally finished it!

Campaign Update: What we’re gonna do with all this cold, hard cash

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Hello friends- As we welcome our 200th contributor, we thought it time to post another update on the campaign. Things are going really well! We’ve raised almost 30,000 dollars, which is enough to buy an ad in the LA Times (one of the many publications who have already approved the letter for publication). It has   …Continue Reading

Campaign Update: Week One Is Over, Week Two Beckons

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The first week of the campaign got us off to a very strong start! We are astonished and humbled by the $26K+ you all have contributed so far. It’s incredibly heartening.   Clearly we still have a long way to go, so it’s crucial that you keep spreading the word to your networks. If we’re   …Continue Reading

Indiegogo campaign to launch September 1st

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We’ve decided on an official launch date for the campaign: September 1st! So mark your calendars and tell all your friends. We’ve got one month to get this campaign going!