Open Letter Indiegogo Campaign

Woohoo! 308 heroic humans contributed $34,853 to get the Open Letter published in the LA Times on Sunday, November 10th. The remainder went to the Alliance on Climate Education.

FAQ: Why are you doing this?

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Because we owe it to subsequent generations to do all we can to avoid dangerous climate change.


Why us? If not us, who?

Why this? Because I knew the small things I was doing in my life were a drop in the bucket, but I also knew that the usual democratic processes are far too slow to address something as immediate and overwhelming as climate change. Realistically, the only people with the ability to turn the tide quickly are people I don’t have access to. My last-ditch idea was to write them a letter, outlining in the plainest possible language why this is a moral issue that demands immediate action. My plan was to post it to my blog and cross my fingers, but fortunately Mike had a better idea.

[Mike adds: I hope this turns out to be a better idea!]

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