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Woohoo! 308 heroic humans contributed $34,853 to get the Open Letter published in the LA Times on Sunday, November 10th. The remainder went to the Alliance on Climate Education.

FAQ: Why the Wall Street Journal?

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The Wall Street Journal is a globally-read business newspaper that will be extremely familiar to the addressees of the letter – it is likely already arriving on their doorsteps every day. The Journal is very pro-business and has repeatedly taken an editorial stance in opposition to aggressive climate change action – sometimes merely expressing concern about the anticipated economic impact of climate action, other times, vehemently opposing the global scientific consensus about climate change (and being reprimanded for doing so by multiple organizations). One particularly egregious editorial even suggested that increased carbon in the atmosphere might actually be a good thing; it was written by a man whose family leases land to coal mining companies.

We believe the Open Letter will have a larger impact if it is published in a newspaper like the Journal, not typically known for a strong climate change advocacy perspective, than it would coming from a left-leaning paper whose usual audience already acknowledges and agrees with the letter’s message.

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